Tips for Washing Colored Clothes Without Fading

Washing clothes in a washing machine might sound effortless. Nevertheless, when washing colored clothes, you must take extra care, as improper or careless washing could fade the fabric, leaving them looking dim. So, we have shared some handy tips in this blog to help you keep your colored clothes intact even after washing.

Instructions to Wash Colored Clothes

Despite how dark or bright your clothes are, using the right detergent and setting the right water temperature, wash cycle, and drying method can help extend the life of your clothes while keeping the colors as is. Before you begin to wash your colored clothes, ensure to keep the washing supplies required for perfect washing, which include:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Drying rack (optional)
  • Stain remover (optional)

Thereafter, go by the following tips to wash your colored clothes:

  • Read Labels on Clothes

    Labels on clothes can help you get instructions concerning washing those particular fabrics. For example, some clothes should be hand-washed, and some may require dry washing. So, before you put your clothes into the washing machine, read the labels and wash them accordingly.

  • Separate Lights and Darks

    Some dyes may transfer color when they rub against another cloth or surface while others may leach when clothes get wet. So, it is good to separate light clothes from dark hues to avoid color transfer or leach. Besides, wash new bright clothes separately for the first few washes to prevent them from straining dye to other clothes.

  • Pretreat Clothes

    Pre-treat stained clothes and wash them separately. Depending on your cloth’s care label and level of soiling, select the shortest possible wash cycle. Ensure not to keep the stained clothes in the dryer, as heat will set the stain. So, separately wash that cloth in cold water until the stain washes.

  • Stack Your Washer

    Don’t pile up your washer with too many clothes, as it will disturb the wash cycle while allowing your clothes to collapse or clean improperly. Ensure the load is evenly balanced and has enough room to move around.

  • Add an Appropriate Quantity of Detergent

    Adding more detergent than required can fade colors, attract more dirt, and leave residues on clothing. So, add the right amount of detergent without boosters or bleach alternatives.

  • Set the Right Water Temperature

    Colored clothes, especially bright and bold colors, should be washed in cold water, as it helps to prevent colors from fading or bleaching. However, fabric type can also impact the wash temperature, so read your clothing’s care tag before washing.


  • Choose the Proper Wash Cycle

    Washing is always likely to wear down the clothes and dim their color. However, choosing the right wash cycle can help reduce the time your clothes undergo beat and toss in the washer, thus reducing fading and wear damage.


  • Dry the Clothes Properly

    Drying colored clothes using a machine dryer (setting tumble-drying on a low-heat cycle) or indoor drying rack can help protect the color and quality of your clothing. Avoid hanging your clothes under the sun, as it may fade colors.

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