Commercial Laundry

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Is your business local to San Diego? Does it need commercial laundry services that will make your life – and work – easier? At Fresh & Clean Laundry, we serve local businesses with their laundry needs, from hotels to restaurants, Airbnbs, schools, hair salons, caterers, spas, residential homes, and many other industries. We are able to clean vast and minor loads of commercial laundry, whether that may be table linen, bed sheets, personal clothing, workwear, and more. Before you search “commercial laundry service near me” and call it a day, let the professional team at Fresh & Clean Laundry handle your laundry needs.

We are flexible. We appreciate that the demands on some businesses will fluctuate throughout the year. That means if you’re busier in summer than in winter, we can still handle all the extra material. During your peak periods, we can offer additional collections and still deliver on time, every time. In winter, we can deep clean heavy-duty items when your business has more breathing room.

Our commercial laundry service San Diego CA allows your business to do its laundry quickly and easily. Not only do we charge by the pound and not the item, but our pickup and delivery service means you only need to make one call to get your laundry done. We customize our solutions to your needs, which means you can receive the laundry just the way you like it.

Whatever your business’s laundry needs, contact us today. Located in between Felton Heights and Cabrillo Knoll on El Cajon Blvd, just off the 805, we are ready to help.

Charge by the pound