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Wash & Fold Service

How does your “Wash & Fold” service work?

You can either come into the store and drop off your laundry with us or have us pick up your laundry at your home, work, or wherever you prefer (see Pickup and Delivery FAQ’s below). After you place your order, we will wash, dry, and fold your laundry on your behalf. When you pick up your laundry (or have it delivered to you), it will be neatly folded, smelling great, and packaged for you.

Do you provide the detergent and softener?

Yes! We provide the detergent and softener. We also have stain removing products, bleach, eco-friendly detergent, and hypoallergenic products available upon request. However, if you have a particular detergent that you’d like us to use that we do not carry, you are welcome to provide that for your order.

When will I get my laundry back?

Our guaranteed turnaround time is 24 hours. However, if you need your laundry back the same day, we can do that at our expedited rate of $2.05/lb

How will I know that my laundry is ready to be picked up from the store?

As soon as your order is complete, you will receive an automated text notifying you that your laundry is ready for pick up. If you placed a delivery order, you’ll receive the text notifying you once your order has been delivered.

Do you wash items other than clothes?

Yes! We can just about anything including but not limited to: comforters, pillows, rugs, shoes, sleeping bags, bedding, boat covers, etc. Most of these special items are priced per item as opposed to price by the pound due to the extra required handling and care.

Pick up & Delivery

How do I place an order for laundry delivery service?

There are two ways to place a delivery order:

  1. You can order on-line by clicking on the “Schedule A Pickup” button on our website freshcleanlaundromat.com . You then follow the prompts to complete information such as: Name, phone number, your delivery address, credit card info, etc.
  2. You can order via phone by calling one of our stores at 619-501-3510 or 619-691-7626.

Where do I leave my laundry for you to pick up?

The default place to leave your laundry is on your doorstep.  The driver will pick up the laundry at your doorstep and deliver your clean laundry back to your doorstep the next day.  If you prefer to leave your laundry somewhere else or prefer to hand your laundry directly to the driver when she/he arrives, simply note that in the Pickup and Delivery notes when placing your order on line, or let the customer service representative know when placing the order over the phone.

What kind of bag/container should I put my laundry in for pickup?

Garbage bags or laundry bags are fine.  You can also purchase an affordable high-quality laundry bag from us for future use.  If you set up a weekly or bi-weekly order with us, you’ll receive one of these laundry bags for free.

How will I know when my laundry will be picked up?

Our pick-up and delivery window is between 9am and 1pm, daily.  You will receive a reminder email the night before your scheduled pick up.  You will also receive a text when the driver is on his/her way to pick up your laundry (typically 10 to 20 minutes before they arrive)

How will I know when my laundry will be delivered?

Your laundry will be delivered, washed, folded, and neatly packaged the day after it was picked up.  When your clothes are delivered, you will receive a text notification that your laundry has been delivered. The driver will leave your laundry by your front door (unless you instruct her/him otherwise), knock or ring the doorbell and leave.

How do I find out how much my laundry weighs and how much it will cost?

If you’d like to estimate the cost in advance, a typical bag of laundry weighs 10 lbs.  You can multiply your total estimated weight by the price per pound (currently $1.85/lb for weekly/bi-weekly customers or $1.95/lb for one-time orders).  Our drivers do not have weight scales in their vehicles.  Your laundry will be weighed at our store after it has been washed and folded.  You will be emailed a receipt upon delivery.

What Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept credit/debit card payments for pick up and delivery service.  When you place your first order, we will collect credit card information in our POS system.  However, your card will only be charged upon delivery, at which time you will receive an emailed receipt.  If you like, we can save your card information on our POS system so you don’t have to provide it for subsequent orders.

Do you deliver on weekends?


Do you offer same day service for pickup and delivery?

We can offer same day service if you drop off and pick up your laundry at the store at a rate of $2.05/lb.  We offer next day (24 hour turnaround) service for our pick up and deliver service.

Do you charge a delivery fee?

No. There is no separate delivery fee.  However, the price per pound for our pickup and delivery service is slightly higher than our price per pound if you drop off your laundry in the store and then pick it up at the store.

Do you have a minimum price for your pickup and delivery service?

Yes.  The minimum price is $42 per pick-up and delivery order.  For example, if you have a small load of 15 lbs of laundry to be cleaned, the calculated price would be $29.25 (15 x $1.95).  However, you would be charged the minimum price of $42.

Self Service

What is a card operated store?

A card operated laundromat uses laundry cards to start the washers and dryers.  You no  longer need to carry around coins or find coins to start the machines.  You simply use a kiosk in the store where you can load money onto your loyalty card.  You can use cash, credit, or debit cars to load money onto your loyalty card.  Once you’ve loaded the amount you need on your card you can start any machine in the store.

Do I have to pay for a loyalty card?

There is a small one-time deposit to acquire a laundry card.  However, that card is good forever so you should hang onto it.  It can be used any time you come into the laundromat.  If you are visiting from out of town and only need to use our laundromat once, you can borrow a laundry card from an attendant.

Do I get any benefits from a loyalty card?

Yes!  For example, when you put $20 or more on your card you automatically receive $2 or more on your card.  There are other benefits as well depending which one of our locations you are at.  Simply ask an attendant and they can let you know what those benefits are.

Do you have large capacity washers?

Yes!  We have jumbo machines that can wash up to 10 loads of laundry at once.  We also have a variety of other sized machines to meet your specific laundry needs.

Do you have free wifi?


Do you have detergent available at the store?

Yes!  We have vending machines where you can purchase detergent, fabric softener, bleach, dryer sheets, laundry bags, etc.  You can also purchase nice nylon laundry bags over the counter.

Do you sell snacks and drinks?

Yes! We have vending machines with a variety of candy bars, chips, and other snacks.  We also sell soda and bottled water.

Do you sell water?

Yes! Our Chula Vista location has a reverse osmosis water system that produces refreshing clean water.  It’s cheap too! Only 25 cents for a gallon and $1 for 5 gallons.

What kind of entertainment do you offer?

We have big screen TV’s mounted throughout our store with a multitude of TV shows, movies, and music to choose from.

Do you follow the COVID guidelines?

Absolutely!  We require all customers and employees to wear masks while in the store.  We require social distancing.  Our attendants disinfect surfaces throughout the store throughout the day. We also provide disinfectant and paper towels for our customers to use.