Handy Hints to Select the Right Washing Cycles

Utilize the washing cycles properly to give your clothes a thorough wash.  

Whether you decide to do laundry at home or at your local laundromat in Chula Vista, being able to select the right washing cycles can dramatically improve the finish of your clothing and linens. These days, you’ll find new computerized machines that are able to clean your clothes far more than you could in the past because of specific settings that you have the opportunity to use.

Washer and dryer settings have developed a lot in recent years. Now, you can select a cycle specifically designed to be gentle on intimates or colder on darker washes. But, are you using these settings? It’s easy enough to turn the washing machine onto a standard setting, but making the most of these settings ensures your clothes are properly and safely washed. For example, if you’re putting darks that include some permanent-press clothing, you may want to go with a cold wash with a slower spin cycle and a different drying time to ensure there’s no bleeding within the colors and no shrinkage.

White items are by far the hardest to get clean. Even though you may be using the right detergent, opting for the right washing machine setting can help to improve the appearance of your whites. When putting whites on, choose a regular to normal cycle that has a strong agitation speed. You’ll also want to utilize hot water in order to get deep into your clothing to get them clean and sparkling white. If your whites are stained or aren’t their brightest, it might be advisable to use a certain type of bleach spray prior to putting it into the washing machine.

For medium to delicate dark colored clothes (dress shirts, dress pants, dress socks, etc.), you’ll want to use the permanent press washing cycles. This cycle will gently clean your clothes with warm water and then rinse with cool water. Using the permanent-press cycle with cold water when washing tougher items, such as jeans and heavy-duty clothing, will work well to clean the clothes thoroughly.

For delicates, you’ll want to use a delicate cycle to avoid any type of damage. You may find that your local laundromat has great machines with gentle settings – meaning that you can save time by using this instead of hand-washing your delicate clothing.

When it comes to completing laundry list and getting the most out of every wash, consult the experts at Fresh & Clean Laundry. As your local laundromat in Chula Vista, California, we can help you with all of your laundry-related needs.

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