Washing a Comforter in a Few Simple Steps

Comforters are big, bulky, and hard to keep clean. While most can be washed, others are too large and heavy to fit into the washer or dryer you have at your home. If you are lucky enough to have access to an industrial-size washer and dryer, you can wash a comforter just like you would wash any other load of clothing. Taking proper care of your comforters is the best way to make them last for many years.

Read the Label

You shouldn’t just throw a comforter in the washer and hope for the best. Before washing it, you should read the label carefully. In most cases, comforters can be washed in a washing machine. The label will clearly state what temperature and cycle your washing machine needs to be set on to wash your comforter properly. Reading the label is the best way to care for most of your clothing items.

Remove Stains and Make Repairs

Look over the comforter carefully. Treat any stains that you find and look for any rips and tears. If the rips and tears are manageable, you can make the necessary repairs yourself. If they are extensive, you may want to send it to a professional to be mended. Look out for stains and make sure to treat them before putting the comforter in the washing machine.

Find the Right Washing Machine

Washing machines come in different types. There are heavy conventional ones and heavy-duty ones. You need a heavy-duty one to wash a comforter. If you have one at home, you may be able to wash a small comforter in it. Large comforters are so heavy,  they may break your home washer. If you have a large comforter, visit your local laundromat and use the industrial size washer and dryers.

The Right Laundry Soap and Washing Machine Cycle

Once you have treated the stains and made any necessary repairs, you can adjust the settings on the washing machine and put in the right amount of laundry soap. The size of the comforter determines the amount of laundry soap to use, so you need to carefully measure the laundry soap to make sure that you don’t use too much of it. The right temperature setting is also very important.

Put Tennis Balls in the Dryer with Your Comforter

Comforters are full of filling that bunches up when wet. The only way to keep the filling evenly distributed is to put in fluffer rings with the comforter. If you don’t have fluffer rings, you can toss in a few tennis balls. Tennis balls do the same job as fluffer rings, and they are cheaper.

Fluff Your Comforter During the Drying Cycle

During the drying cycle, it’s important that you take the comforter out and fluff it a couple of times. Fluffing it up will keep the batting evenly distributed and allow the tennis balls to do their job. If you choose to dry the comforter on a clothesline, you will still want to fluff it up a few times during the drying process.

Washing your comforters may require a trip to the laundromat. At Fresh & Clean Laundry, we have several years of experience washing and caring for different types of clothing, blankets, and other items. Contact us to learn about our services and how we can help keep your quilts and comforters in top shape.

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