Use Your Laundromat to Wash Your Rugs

Rugs may appear to require professional cleaning to wash, but you can actually wash them at your local Laundromat.

There are plenty of items that can easily be washed at any good Laundromat. The most obvious being your clothing, but you may be wondering what other accessories can be washed in the machines of the Laundromat. One of the items that may not be obvious is your rugs. Rugs generally come in two forms, rugs with rubber backing and rugs without rubber backing. How can you wash your rugs without damaging or permanently destroying them?

How to Wash Your Rugs:

  • Take the rug outside and vigorously shake it to remove any loose dirt and other particles. You can also vacuum it with the hose tool prior to giving it a proper shakedown.
  • Place the rug in the machine and place a couple towels to balance out the centrifuge. If the rug has certain dyes on them, you want to be careful about running colors during the cycle.
  • Set the machine for a large load on the delicate cycle. The rug needs plenty of room to move around in the wash. Fill the machine with cold water.
  • When adding detergent, use half the amount recommended for the amount of material in the washer. Rugs require less detergent than other laundry.
  • Rugs without a rubber backing can go in the dryer. Rugs with rubber backing, however, should be air dried. This is because the heat from the dryer can dry and crumble the rubber backing of rugs.

You can wash more than just your clothes at the Laundromat. Fresh & Clean Laundry has all the equipment you need for a quality wash and dry. Please visit our website for store hours and more information. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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