Tips to Make Your Laundry Smell Better

Do you ever do a load of laundry only to find that the clothes that come out of the washing machine smell a bit musty? Although your clothes may be clean, they smell otherwise. Luckily, you can solve that problem by discovering how to make laundry smell fresh and stay smelling great for longer. Here are some tips to help.

  1. Consider a Pre-Soak

Make your laundry smell good and eliminate the unpleasant odor from the last washing mishap by pre-soaking it in the washing solution overnight.

  1. While Using a Washing Machine

  • Choose Your Detergent Wisely

Knowing how to make your washing smell fresh and not damp has a lot to do with the detergent you use. Make sure you pick a fragrant detergent instead of opting for unscented. Follow the instructions before trying out any new products and always use the correct amount in the washing machine. After that, it is down to how you dry and store your laundry.

  • Don’t Overload the Machine

If you have more clothes, split them up and wash them in two smaller loads. This will help the water and detergent work through the clothes, ensuring properly cleaned and great-smelling laundry. Make sure to not fill more than 3/4th of your machine, as your laundry needs some space to move freely.

  • Clean Your Washing Machine

You should clean your washing machine with vinegar to make clothes smell good after each wash. After each use, keep your washing machine’s door open for some time so that air can freely circulate.

  1. While Using a Dryer

Your laundry can often go into the dryer smelling sweet and come out smelling damp. The key to keeping clothes smelling great is to ensure they don’t sit around in the machine for too long. If you are machine drying, take them out of the dryer as soon as it is done. If you are using the dryer to dry clothes, add dryer sheets to your laundry for even-toned freshness and fragrance. Use one dryer sheet for regular loads and two dryer sheets for large loads. From here, you can fold and store your laundry and allow the material to rest.

  1. While Storing Your Laundry

If you store your laundry in places where there is little ventilation and air circulation, you may encounter musty-smelling clothes. Make sure all of your clothes are dry before storing them away. Give clothing room to breathe. If your wardrobe is packed too tightly, it will encourage stale smells to linger. Also, double-check that there is nothing in your drawers or wardrobe that smells strongly before you put your laundry away.

Always make sure you look at the instructions found on the tags of your clothing, as they will inform you as to the best ways to get them clean and fresh.

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