Tips on Bringing Your Old Clothes Back to Life

How to revive your clothes for the better.

In today’s society, clothing is only getting more expensive. As a result, many of us are actively working to make our clothes look better for longer to save money. What many forget is that they can use their local laundromat to breathe life back into clothes that are old, faded, and not wearing well.

Here are our top tips to bring your old clothes back to life with the help of a laundromat.

Sort Properly

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is to mix light and dark clothes and wash them together. Even though your dark clothes may be relatively color-safe, the lighter clothes will still absorb small amounts of their dye. It can be hard to notice, but it does leave your clothes looking drab, and over months and years, you will start to notice that bright colors fade. To prevent this, always sort light from dark colors, and restore color by using a commercial brightener.

Don’t Overfill

It’s only natural to want to get your laundry done as quickly as possible. To do this, many stuff the washer with their clothes, but this can quickly backfire. The clothing won’t be properly cleaned or rinsed, which can cause colors to dim and change. Clothes will absorb dirty water and you’ll have trouble getting stains out clothing. Ensure that there is plenty of room in the machine when you load it, and try not to overfill the machine. Luckily, jumbo washers are able to do your laundry in a snap!

Adjust the Temperatures

Many people use very hot water to do their laundry, thinking that it will get their clothes cleaner. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Hot water can fade colors, cause stains to set, and even increase odors. In addition, hot drying temperatures can wear down the fibers in your clothes, causing them to lose their shape and wear out sooner. It’s best to use the minimum amount of heat when washing and drying your clothes to help them look good!

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