What Are the Things That Washing Machines Cannot Handle?

Washing machines have become indispensable appliances in modern households, easing the burden of laundry and saving us precious time and effort. These marvels of technology are designed to handle a wide range of fabrics and everyday clothing items. However, there are certain things that washing machines simply cannot handle. While they excel at cleaning and maintaining our clothes, it is essential to be aware of their limitations to avoid damage to the machine or potential accidents. This blog will explore some of the items and materials that should never find their way into your washing machine.

Let us discuss what you should avoid putting into your washing machine for your appliances and clothes’ longevity.

  • Foam Pillow
    The movement of a washing machine can weaken foam or even break it into pieces. Therefore, it is good to avoid machine-washing foam pillows. Nevertheless, some shredded memory foam pillows can be washed on machines, provided the care label says so.
  • Clothes with Flammable Stains
    Clothes with flammable stains such as gasoline paint thinner, motor or cooking oil, and alcohol are dangerous to machine-wash. Especially, the dryer could combust them, resulting in an explosion. So, avoid machine-washing items with combustible stains.
  • Items Covered in Pet Hair
    Pet hair can be challenging to remove from clothing, and putting it in the washing machine will worsen things. Wet pet hair can stick to clothing and the sides of a washing-machine drum or block the machine’s drain pipes, impacting its performance over time.
  • Large Items
    If the item is too big and doesn’t have room to move around freely, avoid putting it into the machine. The lack of space will affect detergent circulation, too, so the item will not clean well. Putting a queen- or king-sized comforter or duvet into your washing machine could cause the item to get tangled, misaligning a front-loaders rotating drum or breaking the agitator in a top-loader.
  • Items with Lace or Embroidery
    Clothes with beads or embroidery shouldn’t be machine-washed, as the movement can destroy them. This is especially true for glued embellishments rather than sewn items, as they are likely to fall off in the wash. Items with lace can be ripped or torn when it comes into contact with clothing with snaps, hooks, buttons, or zippers.
  • Items Made of Cashmere, Velvet, or Wool
    These items are very delicate and soft naturally. When you put them into the washing machine, they become matted, pilled, or misshapen even after a single wash. Sometimes, they may be shrunk, making them unfit to wear again.
    While the convenience of this household appliance might tempt you to throw everything in, certain items require special care. By being mindful of what not to put in your washing machine, you will ensure a successful laundry routine and the longevity of your cherished items.

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