The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Home Post-Illness

Germ invasion is common in homes during the cold and flu season. Not to mention that your loved ones might also suffer from other contagious diseases. In such situations, an essential thing to ensure is that this disease does not spread. Proper cleaning and sanitizing are a must to keep the germs at bay.

Keep reading to know how to clean after a household illness to prevent contamination properly.

Here are 5 steps that can be followed to avoid consequences when looking for home sanitizing post-illness.

  • Choosing the Right Cleaning Supplies

    When cleaning after an illness, you must choose the right cleaning supplies. More than mild cleaners and water might be required to eradicate the viruses and bacteria from several surfaces. Use a proper disinfectant and follow the guidelines for maximum effect. You can also make a homemade bleach cleaner for disinfecting surfaces in your home. More than merely wiping off the surface will be required. You have to carry out deep cleaning for complete disinfection.

  • Cleaning the Bedroom

    A sick person usually remains confined to the bed in the bedroom. Hence, the bedding fabric and other upholstery might get infected. Remove the bed linens, pillowcases, and sheets and wash them thoroughly in hot water. Make sure to disinfect the laundry basket afterward as well. Disinfect the room and all other things, including the doorknob and the light switches, which might have come in contact with the sick person.

  • Work On the Living Area

    A sick person might come and rest in the living area. To protect the furniture and upholstery, cover them with washable sheets. Remove items that cannot be washed. Wipe hard surfaces like light switches, door knobs, phones, remote controls, and computers. If a child is sick and plays with toys, do disinfect the toys thoroughly.

  • Disinfect the Kitchen

    Cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen is as important as cleaning the other rooms in the house. Firstly, a sick person should not be permitted to cook in the kitchen for others as it might spread germs to the other members. Use hot water or a disinfectant solution for washing the dishes and utensils that the sick person has used to restrict germ spread. Wipe the refrigerator handle, tables, kitchen drawers, cabinet hardware, and chair backs with a disinfectant.

  • Thorough Car Cleaning

    You might have taken the ill person to the doctor in the car. Therefore, you must clean the car thoroughly to prevent the spread of germs. Wipe the car door handles (both inside and outside), steering wheel, garage door opener, dashboard controls, key fob, and the keys. If you have a child, wash the car seat cover properly.

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Cleaning and sanitizing the house after an illness is as important as caring for the sick person. Germs might lurk in the remotest corners of the house. So, using proper cleaning and disinfecting techniques and supplies will help in keeping the germs and infections at bay.

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