Rules and Etiquette to be Followed for Laundromat

The local laundromat is a necessity for some and a lifesaver for others. Fresh and Clean Laundromat takes great pride in providing quality washers and dryers that everyone in the community can use. There are several rules and etiquette tips we expect our clientele to respect. Here are some common laundromat etiquettes most laundry places expect their guests to follow.

The Security Cameras Are Only Installed for Your Safety

We have security cameras in place to protect our equipment and our customers. We don’t use it to listen in or watch our customers go about their business. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with a safe environment where they feel welcome and protected.

Avoid Reserving Machines

As many people rely on our services, we don’t allow machines to be reserved. Many regulars come in at a specific time because it fits their schedules, but they aren’t actually reserving machines. There are many times when only a few people are doing laundry during the day. It’s easy to find a time when our machines are free.

Sort Your Clothes at Home for Convenience

Sort your white and colored clothes at home. It simplifies starting your loads and also takes up less space. The laundry process is faster if you can load your machine, add your detergent, choose a setting and turn on the machine quickly.

Overloading Machines May Cause Damage

Overloading a washer or dryer with too many clothes can damage the motor and cause excessive wear and tear. Most laundromats have different size machines that allow you to combine two loads. When you are ready to do your laundry, go by the number of clothing you have and choose the size of the machine you use accordingly.

Use the Correct Amount of Detergent in the Laundromat

It’s also important that you only use the right amount of detergent. Remember that front-loading machines don’t take as much detergent as top-loading machines. If you continually use more detergent than is needed, it can damage your clothing and cause build-up in the washing machine.

Don’t Leave Your Laundry Items Unattended

Never leave your laundry unattended. If anything goes missing or is damaged, the laundromat isn’t responsible. Monitor the washers and dryers while using them. Walking away to use the bathroom is fine, but leaving the laundromat without anyone to watch your items is not recommended. Wait until your clothes are dry to take them back with you.

Take All Your Laundry Items Before Leaving

Always check your washers, dryers, and folding tables when you are ready to leave. Socks, delicates, and many smaller items are often overlooked and left behind. Before leaving the laundromat, ensure that you have picked up all your items.

Bring Your Own Laundry Cleaning Supplies

Always bring your own laundry detergent, softener, and dryer sheets. While you can purchase these items at the laundromat, they may cost you more. Bringing everything with you ensures that your laundry will go smoothly, and you won’t have to leave your clothes unattended while you run to the store.

Clean the Lint Trap

While many laundromats have newer machines where the lint traps are locked, some have them where you can clean them yourself. By checking the lint trap after each use, you can help the staff stay on top of the process and extend the machine’s life.

Be Respectful and Polite

When doing your laundry, be respectful and polite with others and never bully anyone. Strike up a conversation. You may even make a new friend or two. If you encounter a problem, try to find a solution. Talk to the manager on duty to see if they can help.

Everyone needs their local laundromat. Stop by your local Fresh and Clean Laundromat whenever you need to do your laundry. We are always glad to help!

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