Top Money Saving Tips for Laundry Day

Make the Most of Your Money at the Laundromat 

When you do your laundry in Chula Vista, you want it to be a few of things: easy, quick, and cheap. You don’t want to waste hours of your day or a huge amount of money doing a seemingly simple task. Laundry is essential in each household, and if you’re looking for some ways to save money without sacrificing the washes, take a look at these tips.

  • Use Cold Water

One way to save money on laundry is to start using cold water. Hot water isn’t always the best option when it comes to cleaning your clothes, as it can wear the fibers down quickly. This means that you have to replace your garments more often because they wear out quicker. Simply using cold water can extend the life of your clothes and save you money on your laundromat costs.

  • Go to a Laundromat

The commercial washers at the laundromat are much larger than the ones you use at home. You’re able to wash much more clothing at the laundromat, saving you time and money. The key is not to overload the washer while ensuring you have a full load. Get into the habit of using the right amount of detergent per load rather than just eyeballing it. You’ll find that you can cut down on the amount you use and still have enough added to the laundry loads to do a good job.

  • Separate Heavy and Light Loads

Keep in mind that heavier clothes will take longer to dry, so washing heavier materials separately from the lighter ones will make it easier when it comes to drying time. You may end up needing to use two dryers, but the time overall will be less than if you use one dryer.

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