Laundry Tips and Tricks for Everyone

Laundry is something that many of us do at least once a week. It’s a simple task of adding clothes to the machine, pouring detergent, and pressing the button. Not much can be done incorrectly, right? Wrong. Eventually, the tough stains and stinky odors that our clothes develop over time are irreversible. Or so we thought.

If your just-washed clothes or towels are less than perfect and you can’t seem to shake the stains and odors, you’re not alone. Redfin asked us, along with other experts from Vancouver, CA to Miami, FL for advice. With these laundry tips and tricks, you can remove stains, tackle the toughest laundry tasks, all while having an organized laundry room and get the best result possible.

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Laundry Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know

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