Keeping Kids Entertained at the Laundromat

While using a Laundromat can be very convenient when you’re doing laundry for a whole family, it can sometimes be a challenge to bring the kids with you.

Below you’ll learn more about how to keep your kids entertained and well behaved while you get your laundry done.

Get Your Kids Excited

If there’s nothing to do at the Laundromat, kids will quickly become bored and start to dread laundry day, which can make parents dread it as well.

You can avoid this unpleasantness by getting your kids excited about the Laundromat. If you have small children, create a play tote that you can fill with special toys and small items kids can enjoy in a limited area. Our Kid’s zone has reading materials and toys that can help with this to.

If you have children of various ages, make sure you have items that will keep all age groups entertained.

Reading Materials

Reading materials are another good choice, especially if your kids love books. Puzzle books, Sudoku, crosswords, and word games are also enjoyable and educational. If your child is especially excited about a particular book, you could put it in the play tote so that they may read it only during laundry days. This will keep them looking forward to the next chapters.


With today’s technology, there are many ways you can combat boredom. Whether you own a handheld video game system or simply put games on your smart phone that your kids can play, this will provide hours of entertainment. Letting your child choose a new game for each Laundromat trip can be a good way to keep their interest up.  All of the seating areas at Fresh & Clean Laundry have built-in charging stations, so you don’t have to worry about your kids draining your batteries by the time you leave the laundry.  We also have Free-Wifi at our store, so they can surf the web, download videos, or watch a movie while you the laundry is getting done.


Board games, card games, and other joint activities are also good pastimes that will let your kids entertain each other while you get the laundry done.

By frequently adding new and special items to the play tote, your kids will be excited to visit the Laundromat and have a new experience each time.

Teach Life Lessons with Laundry

There is a lot for kids to learn at the Laundromat, especially since kids like to act like adults whenever they can. Letting your kids help you load the machines, put in money, add detergent, and fold clothes is a great way to familiarize them with this process so they know what to do when they get older. It’s a great way to teach kids responsibility in a way that’s fun.

Do All Your Laundry in One Cycle

If you have a large family, and a lot of laundry to wash, use one of our Jumbo machines to do all of your laundry at once.  This will save you both time and money.  Between that and the entertainment offered them, your kids will look forward to laundry day as opposed to dreading it!


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