How to Keep Your Clothes Wrinkle Free with Minimum Effort

How to Prevent Wrinkles in Clothes

We’re all busy these days, between work, a social life, and all those errands. That might explain why there’s not much (or any) time to do the chore that is cumbersome and lengthy – that is, ironing. Luckily, there are some fail-safe ways to prevent wrinkles and help you to keep that iron tucked away in the utility closet. Check out these tips from your trusted Chula Vista laundromat!

  • Hang your clothes well. Even though it’s tempting to throw your jacket over the arm of a chair or on the back of your car’s seat, doing so will leave fold lines that aren’t easy to remove.
  • Don’t leave items in the dyer. As soon as the drying cycle is complete, take your clothes out of the dryer and hang them on a sturdy hanger. Cool air sets wrinkles as items sit in the dryer for longer.
  • Smooth out wrinkles with your hands as you remove them from the dryer. If your garment comes out of the dryer with wrinkles, all is not lost. If you ‘pull’ out the wrinkles the best you can, the cooler air outside of the dyer will set the crease-free clothing.
  • Hang lightweight items. Instead of folding lightweight items, choose to hang them up. These items have a better chance of being wrinkle-free if they aren’t folded or bunched.
  • Hang wrinkled items in the bathroom when you’re taking a shower. Hang your clothes on plastic hangers on the back of the bathroom door. Once the bathroom is warm and steamy, the wrinkles should fold out, leaving the item crease-free.
  • Use the right detergent. Not only should you use the appropriate detergent for your machine, but you should only use the amount specified on the container. Doing so will ensure your clothes wash best and dry crisply.
  • Keep it clean. Clothes dryers are notorious for becoming full of lint which can then dirty your clothes. Keep the lint vent clear to ensure your clothes get a better dry, in turn reducing the wrinkles.

When it comes caring for your laundry and getting the most out of every wash, consult the experts at Fresh & Clean Laundry. As your local laundromat in Chula Vista, California, we can help you with all of your laundry-related needs.

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