January is Get Organized Month! Use These Tips

Smart Ideas to Get Your Life Organized

If your New Year’s resolutions are to get organized, January is the month to get started. January is Get Organized Month. Staying organized can be incredibly helpful for individuals looking to save time and lead a more streamlined life. To get organized in the new year, check out these tips from your local Chula Vista laundromat.

Write everything down and don’t rely on your memory. We all agree we have a tough time remembering things. If you often forget to do chores or leave things until the last minute, get into the habit of making a list of things to do. Keep this list somewhere you are often so that you can look at it at any time.

Clean up regularly. The best way to remain organized is to allow certain hours of the day for de-cluttering and cleaning up. It doesn’t have to be a significant chunk of time either, as 15 to 30 minutes a day is enough.

Give everything a home. The simplest way to stay tidy and organized is to give all of your items a home. This way, you’ll know exactly where to store your belongings and where they should be if you need to find a certain something. Make sure everyone else in the household knows where everything lives.

When you buy something, donate something else. Keep the clutter in your home to a minimum by opting to donate or get rid of an item every time you buy something new. Whether it is shoes, home décor or junk, this system helps to keep your home clutter-free.

Visit your local laundromat. Your local laundromat can help you stay organized while doing chores. Take your laundry to Fresh & Clean Laundry where there are plenty of washers and dryers so that you can get your list done in no time. The large washers ensure that your all your clothes and linens get thoroughly washed quickly, saving you time to be more organized!

Now that you can get your laundry list done today, give us a call to learn more about our services at our Chula Vista location! As your friendly and efficient laundry team in California, we hope to see you soon!

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