Is It Ever Acceptable to Mix Colors When Doing Laundry?

Can I Mix Colors When Doing Laundry?


Even though when you go to a laundromat, you can typically wash numerous loads of laundry at once, it is human nature to look for shortcuts. However, one mistake can lead you to ruin a whole load of laundry and multiple items of clothing. Many of us wonder if we can mix colors in a wash to save time without tainting the colors. Here’s what you should know.


Should I separate dark and light fabrics?

Bleeding is one of the most common issues in fabric care. The major reason that dark fabrics and light fabrics should always be separated is because certain dyes like blues and reds always will bleed a little even if they are not new. If they are washed with similar colors, it will not be an issue. However, if a blue or red garment is washed with a group of whites, that bleeding could stain the whites.


Even with darker-colored clothing, such as denim, the dye can subtly wash out over the first few washes. To protect other clothing and their colors, it’s best to wash like-colored items together.


Do I need to separate clothing in the dryer?

Many of us assume that it can be safe to mix different colors and fabrics in the dryer since they are not being washed. Even so, this is not recommended. This is because wet clothing is put into a dryer, so bleeding can still occur. It’s best to wash and dry your light clothing and dark clothing separately.


How do I make sure I sort?

If you, like many of us, find it tedious to stay on top of your sorting, try this tip – Set up different laundry baskets in your closets. At the end of the day, place each item of clothing into the correct basket, whether it’s light, dark, or delicate. That way, your laundry is pre-sorted when you arrive and ready to be placed into the washing machine.


We hope that this helps to make your trip to the laundromat easier! Need help with your laundry? Give the team at Fresh & Clean Laundry a call to learn about our services and about how we can help. As your friendly and efficient laundry team in California, we hope to see you soon!

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