How to Social Distance at Your Local Laundromat

Coronavirus has changed how we do practically everything these days, even relatively simple tasks like laundry. If you need to use a laundromat to wash your clothes, it’s important to stay safe by following the social distancing guidelines from the CDC. By now, everyone should know that it’s recommended to stay at least six feet away from people you don’t live with.


At Fresh & Clean Laundry, we continue to keep a watchful eye on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects laundry professionals and visitors. Rest assured, we are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our own staff as well as all guests.


If you are going to be using your Chula Vista laundromat during the pandemic, here are a few tips on how to socially distance to stay safe.


Socially Distancing at Your Laundromat


  1. Pick a laundry machine away from other people

Most laundromats will advise you on when and which machines to use to allow ample room between each guest. You can help this by doing your laundry at off-peak times. Visit your local laundromat in the early morning or late at night to avoid the crowds.


  1. Limit the time spent in the laundromat

If you haven’t streamlined your laundry process by now, it’s time to do so. Aim to spend as little time in the laundromat as possible by using jumbo machines to get all your laundry done quicker. Pre-sort in your apartment and soak any stains beforehand. Better yet, schedule a pick up/delivery service and leave it to the professionals.


  1. Wear a mask and gloves

Even if you’re able to practice social distancing successfully, you should wear a mask to protect yourself and others. Gloves are also a good idea since you’ll be touching a lot of surfaces that other people have touched. Please dispose of the gloves properly so that the laundromat team does not have to handle potentially contaminated waste.


  1. Clean your laundry basket

Once you’ve put away your laundry, clean and disinfect your hamper and laundry basket. If you use a laundry bag, you might want to have one for dirty clothes and one for clean clothes.


At Fresh & Clean Laundry, we are open and ready to help. Whether you need to use our jumbo machines for a faster clean, a drop off laundry service, or a laundry delivery service, we have you covered in these trying times. We have a supportive team on hand to help, sanitizer and cleaning products, and contactless payments to make your trip to the laundromat as safe as possible. For more information, contact us today.

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