How to Remove Mildew Odor from Towels

We’ve all used a towel one or two more times than we should have, and come face-to-face with the awful mildew odor smell. When dirt and grime have built up on a fabric like towels, and then are left wet, it creates a distinct odor that isn’t always easy to get rid of. This musty smell not only signals that it’s time to change out the towels, but you should be considerate of your linens by washing it correctly to remove the smell.


How do you get the mildew smell out of towels?


There are many ways to remove the mildew odor in towels that are easy and accessible for everyone. Here are a few of the tried and tested methods:


Water and vinegar

Vinegar is a fantastic odor neutralizer. If you need to get rid of the mildew smell, be sure to stock up on vinegar. Place your towels in the washing machine on a hot water setting. Instead of adding laundry detergent, use one cup of vinegar. The vinegar contains acetic acid, which helps to break up mineral deposits and dissolve the build-up of grime and odor on the towels. If there is still a smell after the first wash, repeat the process and add half a cup of baking soda, too.


Hot water and baking soda

If you find that your towels still have an odor, try the simple solution of hot water and half a cup of baking soda. This is a good alternative to harsh chemicals and can be used time and time again until your towels are odor-free.


Dry towels properly

Once you have gotten rid of the mildew smell and have washed the towels thoroughly, put them into the dryer. If you want to add a fresh scent to your clean towels, use a scented dryer sheet or make your own with fabric and essential oils.


Keep colors separate

When you are going to be washing towels in hot water to get rid of their odor, it’s important to keep colors in mind. Separate colors and wash lights, darks, and colors separately to avoid any bleeding.


Tips for keeping towels smelling good

  • Always hang towels up to dry after using them.
  • Make sure towels are completely dry when they come out of the dryer. Do not fold and put away damp towels.
  • Avoid using fabric softener on towels. Instead, add white vinegar to prevent build-up.
  • Avoid using too much laundry detergent when washing towels. Make sure you are measuring accurately, as build-up on the towels can begin to smell.


These tips can help you keep your towels fresh, clean, and odor-free.


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