How to Keep Your Clothes Looking Like New

Keep your clothes looking on top form with the help of these tips and your Chula Vista laundromat.

No one likes it when colors fade, fabric wears out, and hems come undone. Clothing these days can be expensive, especially if you’re buying brand name clothing to keep up with the latest fashion trends. It’s only natural to want to keep your clothes looks as good as possible for as long as possible. With the help of a Chula Vista laundromat, you can keep your clothes looking like new.

General Care Tips

  • When changing out of clothes, let suits, coats, and shoes air out for at least 30 minutes before storing them in the closet.
  • Turn off the closest light and don’t leave garments near the window. Sunlight can fade the colors.
  • Spray perfume and hairspray before you get dressed. The alcohol in the spray can fade, discolor or stain clothes.
  • Always clean your clothes before storing them for the season.
  • Never hang wet or damp clothes in your closet as this can attract mildew.

General Tips for Laundering

Sort your clothes before washing. Make sure that you wash like colors and materials. Your darks should be separate from your whites, and your delicate items should be either hand washed or put on a gentle washing cycle. By utilizing washing machine cycles, you can guarantee that you’ll get your clothing items clean without damaging them.

Wash inside out. Protect your clothing by washing them inside out. This tip is especially important with items such as jeans as it prevents the colors fading, ensuring their longevity. If you have items like shirts with some type of emblem on them, it is always advisable to turn them inside out so there isn’t any damage done.

Use the right detergent. You want to make sure that your clothes maintain their shape, color, and that they smell great. Using the right detergent as well as the right fabric softener can help to keep your clothes looking and smelling fantastic.

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