How to Keep Colored Clothing From Fading

Protect Your Colored Clothing From Losing Their Vibrancy


Whether you’ve just bought a bright yellow top, a patterned shirt, or a vibrant jacket, it can be incredibly disappointing to see your clothing lose their color over time. Sometimes, it can happen after just one or two washes. Color fading from garments can occur as a result of inadequate washing or failing to read to the fabric care label. To help protect your clothes from fading, seek the help of your local Chula Vista laundromat. Use these tips to help.


Follow the care label

Before you wash your clothing, always double-check the instructions on the label. You may be surprised to find that an ordinary-looking top should be in a cool wash. By following the instructions, you have a better chance of keeping your clothing in tip-top condition.


Turn clothes inside out

Before putting your items in the washing machine, turn them inside out to prevent color bleeding and reduce the amount of wear and tear on your clothing. This tip is especially useful if your item features a printed image.


Wash darks together

Sorting and washing dark colors together is essential. Throwing all of your clothes in the same wash runs the risk of your whites turning pink because of red socks.


Use cold water

Cold water reduces color bleeding during the wash, helping to keep your colors from fading. Washing your clothes in a cold setting also helps to be more environmentally friendly!


Avoid over-drying

Leaving your clothes in the dryer until they are almost scorching is a mistake many tend to make, especially with bright clothing. Overheating causes items to lose their color very quickly. Ideally, you should remove your clothes from the dryer when they are just past slightly damp.


Now you know how to keep your favorite clothing from fading! Need a hand with your laundry? Give the team at Fresh & Clean Laundry a call to learn about our services and about how we can help. As your friendly and efficient laundry team in California, we hope to see you soon!


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