How to Get Rid of Smoky Smells

Getting the Smoky Smell Out of Clothes 

Anyone who has been around smoke knows that the smell can cling onto clothes, hair, walls, and fabrics. The stench of stale smoke is very recognizable, and even after washing your clothes, the smell may linger. That’s why our laundry experts have brought together some of the best ideas on how to get the smell of smoke out of your clothes.

  • Dry washable fabrics outside

If possible, dry your clothes outside in the sun so that the fresh air can blow away some of the smell. Not only are you removing your clothes from a closed, potentially smoky environment, but you’re also exposing the fabric to sunlight. Too much direct sunlight may cause colors to fade, but a few hours in the sun help to kill bacteria and neutralize smells.

  • Seal away clothes after washing

If you smoke a lot at home or have someone that smokes in the house, then it’s possible that the smell of smoke will work its way into your clothes even when you’re not wearing them. It’s best to seal your clothes away, ideally using sealable plastic bags or firmly closing drawers that stop smoky air from reaching your clothes.

  • Pre-treat clothes to remove ash stains

Did you accidentally flick ash all over your best pants? First of all, be mindful not to rub it in! Instead, shake your clothes firmly out to flick the ash reside cleanly off the fabric. After you’ve shaken out as much as you can, use a laundry pre-treatment spray to help minimize the damage and wash the item on the highest setting the care label indicates. Be warned though, ash is one of the most difficult stains to remove!

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