How to Decide Which is Better: Washing or Dry Cleaning?

Whether to wash or dry clean fabric is a common concern for those doing the laundry. Some garments come with detailed instructions, but this may only sometimes be the case.

Both washing and dry cleaning have benefits and drawbacks. Based on the fabric, you must decide which one to choose. Some materials can be washed with water or dry cleaned, but dry cleaning can harm some of them due to using various solvents. Which one is ideal for you, then? Let’s find out.

Wash or Dry Clean Clothes: How to Decide?

Choosing what to do with a stained piece of clothing can be challenging. For example, you can attempt a simple cold washing to remove a stain from tea, coffee, or food coloring.

It can be challenging to eliminate significantly stronger stains, such as those caused by chemicals or grease. Dry cleaning can be ideal for such stains. The chemicals used in dry cleaning might leave stains on your clothes, so speak with your dry cleaner before you choose the same.

Guidelines to Wash or Dry Clean Clothes

Fabrics such as Cotton, linen, rayon, silk, and wool can be washed with water. Others must be dry cleaned, such as leather, suede, and most synthetic fabrics.

Use the Best Water Temperature and Detergent

When deciding how to wash or clean a garment, you’ll want to use the proper water temperature and detergent. Washing clothes in boiling water can damage fabrics while washing them in cold water can shrink them. So check what temperature is best for your material.

Use a suitable detergent for your fabric.

Choosing Gentle Cycle or Hand Wash: If you want to hand wash your clothes, use a gentle cycle and cold water. This will help preserve the fabric and prevent damage.

Wash certain garments separately: Check if a fabric loses color before washing it. Put some water on the edge of the garment and rub it against a white cloth to check if it loses color.

If it does lose color, hand wash it separately.

Air-Dry the Garment: Don’t use the dryer for knit garments. Knit garments should be laid flat to prevent stretching. If the item is woven, hang it to drip dry.

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All the above factors should be considered before washing or cleaning your clothes. Read the garment care instructions before washing, and use a suitable water temperature.

If you have any questions or wish to get your laundry done by professional dry cleaners. Contact our experienced team at Fresh and Clean, who can help you decide the best for your finest apparel.

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