How to Choose the Right Machine at the Laundromat

Make Your Laundry a Snap by Selecting the Right Washer 

We know that you want to get your laundry completed quickly. It’s natural to stuff the washing machine full of dirty clothes so that you get it all done in fewer loads. The terms ‘full or small loads’ are often used loosely, and machine recommendations are not followed. Overloading a washing machine at the laundromat is not only damaging to the machine but it means that your clothes may not come out clean. To help you decide what machine to use at a Chula Vista laundromat, read on.

Consider Weight

When you’re thinking about what machine to use, think about the weight of your laundry pile. Small machines reach their optimal capacity once they have 6 pounds of clothing in them, whereas medium-sized washers can handle around 8 pounds. Commercial washers can accommodate 15 pounds of clothing. If you’re washing heavy items such as jeans and jackets, consider the weight of them before filling up the machine.

Size It Up

The size of the clothing that you’re washing can also play a role in what machine is right for you. After sorting your clothing for whites and colors, if you have more than one load of each, it may make sense to mix up the size of items in each load so that it is balanced.

Opt for Style

If you want to help to reduce your carbon footprint, you may choose a front-load washer as they use less water. However, they do not hold as much clothing. If you have a lot of laundry, you may opt to use a top-load washer just once rather than doing two cycles in a smaller front-loading machine.

Now you know which washer to use at the laundromat, find out which dryer you should use.

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