How to Best Iron Your Clothes

Top Ironing Tips for Your Laundry


Even though it’s not as common as it used to be, there are still many of us that iron clothes, whether it’s at the local Chula Vista laundromat or at home. Fabrics such as jeans or sheets may not be in the ironing pile any more, but there are still certain materials and items that we want to feel crisp and smooth, such as a dress shirt. To find out how to iron your clothes properly and with care, read on.


  • Plan ahead

Set yourself up for success when ironing. If you just finished a load of laundry or have a pile of clothing that needs to be ironed, sort it first. Generally, it’s best to sort by fabric types as each will require a different iron setting. Nylon, polyester, and cotton all require a different setting.


  • Read the label

Before you wash or iron your clothes, check the care label first. This will tell you how to clean the item, how to dry it, and whether or not it can be ironed. Here’s a quick reference that can help:

  • One dot on an iron means the garment should be ironed at a low temperature without steam.
  • An iron with two dots means that a medium temperature and a medium pressure should be used.
  • An iron with three dots signifies that a high temperature with steam can be used.
  • An iron with an X across it means that the garment should not be ironed as the heat could damage the fabric.


  • Understand temperatures and fabrics

Start ironing on the lowest heat setting and working through the finer fabrics, first. Take care with acrylic, acetate, nylon, and fabric with beads – Iron them from the inside out. Fabrics that can be ironed at a medium temperature include satin, silk, and polyester, but steam should be avoided. Cotton, linen, and denim can be ironed at high heat and steam or spray can be used to get out tough crinkles.


Now you know how to keep your clothes wrinkle-free with safe ironing. Need a hand with your laundry? Give the team at Fresh & Clean Laundry a call to learn about our services and about how we can help. As your friendly and efficient laundry team in California, we hope to see you soon!

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