Hints on Making Your Trip to the Laundromat Easier

Tips for Easier Laundromat Trips

Believe it or not, but a little pre-planning and organizing can make going to the laundromat a quick and simple process. A little preparation before your trip to the laundromat can help you to save time instantly. Before you visit your Chula Vista laundromat, check out these time-saving tips.

Bring Hangers

Almost everyone hates ironing, so this hint will surely make you smile! For many garments, if you hang them as soon as you remove them from the dryer, they will stay wrinkle-free without getting the iron out. Also, hanging your clothes straight away from the dryer at the laundromat will save you time on folding, too.

Sort Laundry at Home

If you sort your laundry at home, you’ll save time and have more workspace than at the laundromat. This way, you’ll arrive at the laundromat feeling organized and can immediately grab a machine to get the loads underway. If you have any stains that need to be pre-soaked, doing this before you get to the laundromat will help you save even more time, rather than waiting at the laundromat for the treatment to work.

Check Washing Machines and Dryers Before Use

At Fresh & Clean Laundry, we pride ourselves on running the cleanest laundromat around. However, it’s still a good idea to check both washing machines and dryers before you put your clothes inside. The person before you may have left their items, ink pens, gum, or other items inside the machine. If this occurred just before your arrival, we may not yet have noticed and cleaned it up.

Laundry isn’t an activity most people enjoy doing, but it is an important one to do. You can make your laundry chores a snap by visiting Fresh & Clean Laundry in Chula Vista. We’re open from 6:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily so that you can get all of your laundry done in no time. With large machines – and plenty of them – let us help you get your laundry done quickly. Call 619-691-7626 for more information.

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