Four Steps You Must Follow to Unshrink Your Clothes

The last thing most people worry about is their clothes shrinking until you try to put something on and you realize that your clothes shrunk while in the laundry. However, you can prevent shrinkage by watching how you wash your clothes.

Can My Shrunk Clothes Regain Their Original Size and Shape?

If your clothes have already shrunk considerably and are fully dry, it’s doubtful that you will be able to unshrink them to the point where they will be close to their original size. The best way to keep your clothing from shrinking is to know what steps to take while doing your laundry.

Take It Out As Soon As Possible

During the wash cycle, if you notice a piece of clothing shrinking, take it out as soon as possible. Even if it’s still quite wet, it will prevent the fibers from starting to tighten up. Try not to wring it out too tightly. This may damage the fibers.

Re-soak it to Loosen the Fibers

As soon as you take your item out of the washing machine, soak it in a tub with warm water and a mild detergent for about 30 minutes. This will loosen the fibers contracted with heat inside the washing machine.

Towel Dry It Gently

Take out the clothing from the tub and gently squeeze it. Then lay your item out on a towel, roll it up and gently squeeze it again. This will remove much moisture in your item but will be damp enough to maintain its current size and shape while it dries.

Stretch it Flat and Dry

Use another dry towel, lay your item on it and stretch it to the desired size. Allow it to dry thoroughly. When it is drying, ensure that it is kept flat. Once fully dried, you can put it away.

How Can You Prevent Your Clothes from Shrinking?

You can take several steps to prevent your clothing items from shrinking.

  1. Read the Tags

    Most clothing items have washing and drying directions. Read the tags carefully before you wash them the first time. Follow the directions to prevent your clothes from shrinking.

  2. No High Temps

    Avoid using hot water or drying in high heat in the washing machine. This can cause all types of fibers to shrink, some fabrics more than others

  3. Air-Dry When You Can

    Air dry your clothes whenever you can. This minimizes their exposure to heat and allows your fabrics to dry slowly thus preventing shrinkage. Hanging clothes on a clothesline may stretch them out. Lay them flat on a towel to preserve their original shape.

For the best cleaning techniques that you can use to prevent your clothes from shrinking or losing their shape, contact the staff at Fresh & Clean Laundromat. We have years of experience and are always ready to help!

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