Expert Tips to Care for Rayon Clothing

Rayon fabric is incredibly unique, partly because it is a hybrid cloth. It is made using both natural and synthetic fibers. However, many synthetic chemicals are used in its creation, which can make it difficult to clean. You will need to know what natural fibers are used in the rayon you are working with to know the best ways to clean and care for it.

Hand-washing is the best way to clean any type of delicate fabric, including rayon.

Caring for Delicate Fabrics

If you want to properly care for delicate fabrics, you need to learn as much as you can about each type and what steps are required for cleaning and long-term care. Delicate fabrics cannot be cleaned or maintained in the same way as other, more durable fabrics. When you purchase an item made with a delicate fabric, it’s up to you to find out how to care for it.

Check the Care Label

As soon as you purchase any item made from rayon, you will want to check the care label. If dry cleaning is recommended, it’s important that you have the item dry-cleaned. If you want the item to last, you will need to follow the instructions on the care label as closely as possible. Disregarding the instructions may cause damage to the fabric and shorten its lifespan.

Treat Stains Appropriately

If you find a stain on your rayon, you will need to use a very mild detergent and cold water to pre-treat it and prepare it for washing. Once you have gently applied a small amount of detergent and worked it into the stain, you will need to let it set for five to ten minutes. Continue to hand-wash the item. If the stain is still present, you will need to treat the stain a second time.

Mix Your Washing/Cleaning Solution

If you want to submerge the item, you will need to mix the appropriate amount of washing solution. You may be able to include a small amount of oxygen-based bleach alternative. Use only a small amount and make sure it is dissolved completely before adding your item of clothing.

Agitate Gently

Once you have submerged your item, you will want to agitate it gently to ensure the cleaning solution is able to make its way through the fibers. Continue to agitate the item for several minutes. Check the stain and treat it as needed to make sure that it is thoroughly removed.

Use a Cool Water Rinse

When you are ready to rinse out your item, run it under cool water for several minutes until all the detergent has been rinsed away. This may take a few minutes. Pay attention to when the water starts to run clear.

Remove Excess Water as Gently as Possible

Instead of wringing out the excess water, press the water out by rolling your item in a terry cloth towel. Lay the towel flat and then lay your clothing on the towel. Roll the towel up and press firmly to expel the excess water.

Let the Fabric Air Dry

Once the excess water has been removed, allow the item to air dry. Lay it flat on a dry towel, turning it occasionally until it is completely dry.

If you want to learn how to care for rayon fabrics, your first phone call should be to the professional staff at the Fresh & Clean Laundromat. We can help you take care of even the most delicate fabrics.

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