Easy Laundry Tips for Overnight Guests: Everything You Should Learn

Having friends and family in for the holidays makes for many fond and lasting memories. It also means a massive increase in the amount of laundry you will be doing during their visit and after they eventually leave. The key to keeping your sanity has a laundry plan that will help you manage your time and allow you to spend most of it with your guests.

Create a Laundry Game Plan

Ensure all the linens, towels, and blankets are clean and ready for your guests. Remind them to bring their beach towels if they visit the beach or a pool. You will need to do a quick count to ensure that you have enough towels and linens for each guest.

Laundry and Pets and Children

Pets and kids like colorful and smell-good items, so keep your laundry supplies and any other chemicals you may have out of reach. They can be harmful to your kids and pets. Also, make sure to check your washer and dryer before you start to throw in the next load. If your home is pet-friendly, you already know the risks.

Request Assistance

Most guests enjoy being helpful. If they ask to help, let them. If they don’t, ask them for help! Most people like their beds made in a certain way where the linens, blankets, and towels are well-placed in the room. Let them be in charge of their own space. It’s all about making them feel at home.


Assign each guest a color when it comes to towels and linens. This is a great way to keep things organized and where they belong. When the towels are allotted by color, guests can use them. Place a small, collapsible drying rack in each guest room so that towels can dry between uses. Put a laundry basket in each room to collect dirty laundry.

Use Paper Napkins

Linen napkins can be costly to buy and will need to be washed repeatedly for sanitary reasons. If you have multiple guests for several days, your best bet is to use paper napkins. You can purchase high-quality paper napkins that will last through your entire meal. If you do choose to use your good linen napkins, you will need to wash them after every use for sanitary reasons.

Prepare Your Laundry Room

Make sure you clean and organize your laundry room. If your guests want to do their laundry, assign each guest (or family) their day, just like you allot colored towels and linens. Make sure to type a list of instructions on how your washer and dryer work. It will make things much more manageable.

Make Laundry Time, Family Time with Fresh & Clean Laundromat!

When you have family, you share things. Make laundry time and family time. Working together makes things go much faster. It also teaches kids responsibilities and life skills they need as they age. Sharing responsibilities, sharing time, and making memories all go together.

Want more family-friendly and easy laundry tips for when your friends and family visit? Contact our professional team at Fresh & Clean Laundromat! We have trained professionals to help you make it through every holiday season guest invasion!

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