COVID-19 Response: What Should I do About my Laundry?

What should I do about my Laundry?


The State of California has designated laundry services as essential during the COVID-19 outbreak.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that families continue to observe the best levels of cleanliness and hygiene possible, including regular clothes washing, during the pandemic.


To assist our residents of the community Fresh & Clean Laundry will continue to offer drop-off laundry services as usual.  We are also offering curbside drop-off and pick up as well.  Please call our office 619-691-7626 for more information. 


In addition to the above we continue to offer our No-Contact Delivery and Pick up Service (Mon-Fri).  We are offering a 20% discount to our first-time delivery customers. 


Here’s how to schedule a pick up:


  • Step 1- Schedule a pick up at your residence or work place by visiting our website at and click on the red “Schedule a Pick up” button or call 619-691-7626.
  • Step 2- Place your laundry in a plastic bag. (Separate whites from colors please.
  • Step 3- Set laundry outside your door by 8am on the morning of your scheduled pick up, or when you receive a text notification that your driver is en-route to pick up your laundry.
  • Step 4- Sit back and relax! Your laundry will be washed/sanitized, folded, and delivered to your door the following day between 8am and Noon.


Fresh & Clean Laundry is committed to your health and safety and to the safety of our employees. Thank you for your support.

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