How to Clean a Suit Without Dry Cleaning It

Washing a Dry-Clean Suit at the Laundromat 

It’s only a matter of time before your suit gets dirty. You look at the tag and it says to use a dry cleaner. Can you wash a suit that has a ‘dry clean only’ tag on it? The answer is a huge money-saving yes! Learning how to wash your suit at the Chula Vista laundromat will save you from taking it to the dry cleaners each time.

The shirt and trousers are typically (but not always) fairly straightforward to care for. The suit jacket is often made from several different materials that react differently to soap and water. While dry cleaning is generally recommended by manufacturers to stay on the safe side, you can clean your suit at your local laundromat. This is often a gentler way of extending your suit’s lifespan, too.

Spot Clean

To begin cleaning or washing a suit jacket, start by spot cleaning. Take the time to look over your suit and target any stains or marks. Run soap under the arms, inside the collar, and around the cuffs of the jacket. This will pre-treat these frequently dirty areas.

Wash Your Suit

  • Turn your suit inside out.
  • Put your suit inside a mesh garment bag that has enough room for the suit to move around.
  • Make sure you are washing the suit alone in the machine. You don’t want to risk any other fabrics bleeding color or creating lint to stick to your jacket.
  • If you’d like to wash the suit pants that match the jacket, add them into the machine as well. Make sure they are inside out and placed in a separate mesh bag.
  • Turn the machine onto a delicate cycle and add liquid soap. If you are unsure of what cycle to run your suit through, talk to the laundromat’s attendant for advice.
  • Once the cycle is complete, gently pull out your suit and get it ready for drying.

Hang It Up

Placing the suit in a dryer is generally not advised. To dry your suit, simply hang it up. Hang the suit pants by their waistband on a hanger that has clips.

Steam Your Suit

Finish by steam cleaning your suit pieces. Start on the outside of the suit, making sure to target visible wrinkles, and then move into the inside of the suit. Be mindful of being gentle with the suit – do not tug or pull the material as you steam.

Finally, let your suit relax. You may want to run the steamer over it once more to take care of any wrinkles.

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