Caring For Bathing Suits

Tips on How to Wash Your Bathing Suit

Beach season is here! Many of us are enjoying long days at the beach or pool, having fun with family and friends. Whether you use your swimsuit daily in the summer or just whenever you get the chance, the fabric can take a beating from pool chemicals, sand, high temperatures, sunscreen, and more. So that you don’t have to continually replace these items, take a look at how to wash your bathing suit with care and prevent damage at your local Chula Vista laundromat.

Use a mesh bag

You can throw your bathing suit in your regular laundry load, however, avoid putting it in with other items that would pick at the fabric (think zippers, Velcro, etc.). To protect your bathing suit even further, put it in a mesh bag with the rest of the load.

Avoid using detergent

Harsh detergents can damage the color of delicate swimwear. Instead, use a small amount of gentle soap or opt for a specialty detergent.

Skip the spin

If you do machine wash your bathing suit, put it on a cold, gentle wash cycle. Some washing machines will allow you to skip the spin cycle altogether, meaning that you put less stress on your delicate swimsuit.

Use the towel trick

If you use the machine to wash your swimsuit, you can also add towels into the machine to fill it out and be gentle on the material. The towels help to provide extra padding, which protect your suit in the machine. Plus, you may as well get the beach towels clean at the same time.

Hang dry

The washing machine may be fine for your bathing suit, but never put it in the dryer. Excess heat is the quickest way to ruin your swimsuit as it will loosen the elasticity of the spandex. Wringing out the swimwear can also stretch out the material. Your best bet is to be patient and let it drip-dry.

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