Can Clothing Spread Germs?

It’s safe to say that the recent COVID-19 outbreak has changed our lives. From where we work to how we go about our daily lives, the coronavirus has made us all more cautious about germs and hygiene. Many of you may be wondering if clothes and materials can harbor germs, making you susceptible to catching something.


How to avoid spreading germs through clothing.


Clothing, towels, and linens can spread germs if they come into contact with an infected person or surface. For example:

  • When an individual handles dirty laundry, they then get germs on their hands.
  • When clothing is being washed, germs can spread between garments in the process.
  • When towels or bedding are used by one or more people, germs can spread between them.


Fortunately, regularly washing your clothes will decrease the risk of germs being transmitted. While it is good practice washing your hands regularly, it’s best to wash your clothes to avoid the risk of harmful bacteria. In certain situations, it is recommended to wash clothing in hot water with a bleach-based detergent to get rid of harmful germs that could cause us to get ill.


There are some high-risk clothing items that require more frequent washing. These include athletic clothing, food preparation clothing, healthcare employee uniforms, shared towels, and any clothing that covered a skin wound or infection. If you have heavily soiled items of clothing, wash them separately.


If you are concerned about germs on your clothing, you can wear gloves when handling high-risk laundry. It’s also wise to wash your hands after handling dirty laundry.


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