8 Sustainable Lifestyles to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

As a fashion enthusiast, your first step towards a sustainable wardrobe is to make your clothes last longer. Along with being cost-effective, this also helps in reducing the carbon footprint.

Try the following steps to increase your clothing’s longevity and practice a sustainable lifestyle.

  1. Purchase good quality clothes

    Clothes made with superior quality materials and good construction are easy on the environment and last longer too. So, invest in wardrobe staples that don’t go out of fashion instead of focusing on trends or fad fashion.

  2. Try to wash your clothes less

    This does not mean that you wear dirty and smelly clothes. It implies you wear your clothes at least 3-4 times before washing them. Frequent washing damages the fibers of the cloth and loosens them up. Wash them when it is necessary and not after every wear.

  3. Hand wash clothes

    One of the best ways to make your clothes last longer is by handwashing. This is particularly applicable for clothes with delicate fibers like knitwear, delicates, sportswear, swimwear, undergarments, and so on. Hand wash in cold water to prevent shrinkage and fading. Make sure that you read the washing instructions first.

  4. Use gentle and eco-friendly detergent for washing

    Refrain from using detergents with harsh chemicals. Choose mild, gentle, and eco-friendly detergents suitable for fabrics. They also prevent the tearing and fading of the garments. Most importantly, eco-friendly detergents are mild on human skin as well.

  5. Air-dry your clothes as much as possible

    Most of us tend to put wet clothes in the dryer to dry them up quickly. But dryers can damage the fabric of the clothes, hamper the elasticity, and often lead to shrinkage. This is particularly applicable to activewear and undergarments. The best thing is to let the clothes dry in natural air under the sun. This way clothes dry quickly and smell great too.

  6. Keep heavy sweaters on the shelf

    Hanging heavy sweaters often overstretches them and leads to fraying as well. You might also have some broken hangers for hanging heavy sweaters. Instead, fold the heavy sweaters and keep them on the shelf for longer life.

  7. Turn clothes inside out while washing

    Make your clothes last longer by turning them inside out while washing, especially when using the washing machine. This step helps in preserving the prints from cracking and also reduces fading.

  8. Repair your clothes for small issues

    Learn to use the thread and the needle to repair your clothes for minor problems like a small tear or a button falling off. Sewing the cloth on time will prevent further damage, and you can use them longer.

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