6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laundromats over Doing Laundry at Home

Today, many Americans lead busy lifestyles, leaving them with little to no time for everyday tasks. For instance, it is difficult to spend your whole weekend doing laundry manually just because your washer broke down or is too small to accommodate your pile of clothes. Thankfully, you can use laundromats to take care of your laundry needs, which is an important aspect of your overall personal hygiene.

The benefits of using laundromats over doing laundry at home include:

  1. Access to High-Capacity Washers and Dryers

    The standard washer size suitable for apartments ranges from 1.4 to 4.5 cubic feet. Such washers can handle up to 15 pounds of laundry loads, depending on the size. However, assuming you want to wash bigger batches of laundry or just large pieces such as comforters, your home washer won’t be up to the task, especially if it’s too small. In such situations, a laundromat can come in handy since it has high-capacity commercial-grade washers and dryers to ease your work.

  2. Multiple Options at Your Disposal

    Unlike typical home washing machines that only have a few laundry options, commercial washers and dryers in laundromats provide different programs for you to choose from. This maximizes the safety of your clothes since you get to use specific programs on certain fabrics. Additionally, laundromats give you more options of washing machines and dryers such that, in case one machine breaks down, you will have others at your disposal.

  3. Increases Efficiency in Doing Laundry

    When you visit a laundromat, you most likely want to spend the shortest time possible washing and drying without compromising the cleanliness of your clothes. Thankfully, you can easily achieve this if you go to the laundromat on a not-so-busy day. On such a day, most of the laundry machines will be free for you to run multiple batches simultaneously, increasing your efficiency and saving your time.

  4. No Trips to and from the Basement

    According to Consumer Reports, most Americans install their laundry appliances in the basement. This means that if you have your washer in the basement, you will have to make several trips to and fro to fetch clothes, detergents, baskets, and other items. In many laundromats, laundry necessities are usually placed on the same floor. With a cart and laundry basket, it won’t be difficult for you to fetch these items to your washing spot. This makes your laundry experience quick and efficient.

  5. There’s Extra Space

    Once your clothes are washed and dried, you may want to iron, fold, and pack them for easy transportation back home. To achieve this, you will need some extra space, especially if you have a pile of dirty clothes. The good news is that most laundromats provide space for ironing and folding.

  6. Find Additional Downtime

    Other than extra space, most laundromats will also give you a chair to sit in or a place to relax as you wait for your laundry cycles to complete. During this time, you can choose to sit and skim through a magazine, check a few social media posts, or just relax and meditate.

If you have little to no time for laundry at home, you should use laundromats for a quick and efficient laundry experience. At Fresh & Clean Laundry, we are here to help. Visit our laundromat today to learn how we can help you do your laundry in no time.

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