5 Tell-tale Signs That You Aren’t Washing Your Clothes Enough

Washing your clothes as soon as you are finished wearing them will keep them looking their best for as long as possible. While you may want to wear them a second time, it is better to wash them first. Keeping your clothes clean preserves the fibers and helps them maintain their strength for a much longer time.

Here are 5 tell-tale signs which indicate that you need to wash your clothes more often:

  1. Unpleasant Odors

  2. When you don’t wash your clothes as often as you should, they may begin to develop unpleasant odors. This includes body odors or a strong, musty smell that often occurs when clothes are put away while they are still damp or not cleaned adequately.

  3. Your Bodily Oils Begin to Accumulate

  4. Your body secretes a variety of oils throughout the day. If you don’t wash your clothes properly or often enough, the oils can start to accumulate. The more the oils accumulate, the more likely it is that your clothes will begin to develop odors, and stains may start to appear under the arms or around the collar where most oils tend to collect.

  5. You Get Rashes or Other Skin Problems

  6. When oils and other contaminants begin to collect in your clothing, it may result in different types of skin issues. Depending on what chemicals are present or how acidic the oils are that accumulate in your clothing, you get a rash or suffer some kind of reaction. In most cases, keeping your clothes clean will prevent this from occurring. However, if you get a rash despite washing your clothes regularly, you might be having an allergic reaction to your detergent or fabric softener.

  7. Germs and Microbes Build up on Your Clothes

  8. Not washing your clothes often enough can cause germs and microbes to accumulate. When you wear your clothes in public, you are exposed to other people’s germs. These germs can stick to your clothing. The more people you run into, the more germs you will accumulate over time. Not washing your clothing after each use will allow those germs to build up in your home as well.

  9. Stains Become Permanent

  10. Stains can be extremely difficult to remove if you let them sit for any length of time. Immediately treating a stain is your best chance of removing it completely. If you don’t want to wash the item immediately, promptly treat the stain and then treat it again before throwing it in the washer. Washing your clothes regularly will help you keep stains to a minimum. It will also reduce the risk of a stain becoming a problem if you unintentionally let it sit longer than you should.

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