3 Laundromat Myths Debunked

Misconceptions About Laundromats


Despite your Chula Vista laundromat serving as a convenient, affordable way for people to do their laundry, there are a lot of myths that are still out there when it comes to these facilities. We decided to bust some of the common misconceptions surrounding laundromats and show how everyone can enjoy them!


  • Laundromats are only for low-income people

This is far from the truth. Laundromats are for everyone, and they welcome everyone. If you want more of a first-class laundry experience, try using the wash and fold service, where all you need to do is drop off your laundry to have it done for you. People use laundromats for a variety of reasons – and no matter what their income, they are always welcomed.


  • Laundromats only take coins

As a card-only-operated laundromat, we can say that the stigma of coins only should be left in the past. Today’s laundromats offer a variety of payments, with card and Apple Pay and Android Pay becoming increasingly convenient and popular.


  • Laundromats don’t have efficient equipment

Believe it or not, but using a laundromat’s equipment is often far better than what you’d likely be purchasing for your own laundry room. Most of the equipment at laundromats are designed to work faster, clean better, and work more efficiently to boot.


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